Building a successful brand is about engaging with your audience, captivating their attention and over delivering on their expectations.

By creating a physical product, something that can be held in the hands of your target audience, you are creating a tactile experience that the digital world cannot compete with; a physical embodiment of what your brand stands for. 

We specialise in creating this experience. Through our 18+ years in sourcing and producing gift sets for some of the worlds biggest brands, we understand how to build an unboxing experience that will captivate your audience.


How do you encapsulate the integrity of sports fan engagement ? Is a full move forward into digital ticketing enough to satisfy your dedicated members when they purchase a ticket to the centre stage of their world in that moment of time ?

How do you show appreciation or create an experience to a member that has committed to your club or event.  

Our products help deliver the buzz and serve as great memento and keepsake for years to come. We provide products within the following categories;

  • Retail ranges for resale and giveaway
  • Redemption Platforms
  • Membership Packages
  • Season ticket Packs
  • Gifting Programmes
  • Loyalty Packs
  • Gift Cards

Each pack is tailor made depending on your requirements. 

Our design team will work with your brand to understand what you are looking for. From early concept ideas through to samples and mass production. 

Corporate Gifting Sets
Membership packs for new Uber Drivers; Throw-away yet sustainable


A common theme over the last 2 years, is a clear divide between what customers are choosing.

Brands choosing throw-away are opting to be as sustainable as possible. That means using materials that are low cost yet easy and easy to recycle. With almost 20 years experience in this area, our design teams are able to make recommendations based on our 6 pillars of sustainability programme

Corporate_ADCB_A-1Loyalty Boxes for ADCB private clients; Keepsake wooden lacquered box

For Keepsake, brands are investing more into quality products and merchandise; for example Italian leather wallets housed in wooden lacquered boxes as per the example shown above for ADCB bank.  

No matter which direction your brand chooses, Wrapology have the design and production know-how to achieve your goals. 

Corporate Carrier BagsCarrier Bags for Investec Banking


We are proud to work for some of the worlds biggest clubs and associations including; 

  • Formula 1
  • Saracens
  • Ritz Hotel
  • Premier League
  • Investec
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Uber

Clients take comfort not only in the quality of our work but also in the quality of our processes that have been refined over the last 18 years, particularly in regards to the management of the supply chain in China.

Our offices in London and Shenzhen, China contain a huge archive of productions that we have produced over the last 20 years. Clients are welcome to visit to come in and discuss their project with one of our dedicated team.

Our teams and offices are based in London, Hong Kong and China to ensure that we manufacture products in accordance with strict ethical and environmental guidelines. By working closely with our clients and our vendors we are able to add value by; 

  • Developing the overall look and feel of the pack
  • Sourcing quality branded merchandise within your budget and timeline
  • Co-ordinating multiple suppliers with logistics and branding guidelines
  • Quality controlling the overall production and timelines
  • Distributing the finished goods via our cloud based, real time customer portal

A complete Promo Pack such as the one shown above involves multiple elements involving several factories that need to be co-ordinated to create a consistent, holistic experience for the audience. 

Our teams coordinate the supply chain to create 1 product that is then uploaded onto our customer portal for your team to call off to its warehouse or customer located anywhere in the world.  


Thinking of getting started...Below are some good general indications on timelines to assist you with planning your next campaign. 

• Costing 24 - 48 hours
• Art working 1 - 3 days
• White / Digitally printed prototypes 7 - 12 days
• Final production prototype  12 - 21 days
• Production 45 - 70 days
• Shipping 45 days (e.g Shenzhen to U.K.)
• Co-packing 7 days

We'd love to get started on your project, reach out to us by completing the form below and one of our representatives will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

Please fill in the form providing as much detail as possible and a representative will get back to you.  

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