these designs use the latest trends in materials and production methods to be crowned our favourite sustainable designs. 

Each design had to follow our 6 pillars of sustainability to ensure that they really are environmentally friendly; 

  • Mono Material
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Recyclable
  • Petroleum Free
  • Reduced Waste
  • Degradable

Its great to see so many brands putting sustainability at the forefront of the design process and embracing the new materials and technologies available in 2020. 


Sustainable Jewellery Packaging


The Forevermark in-store packaging meets all 6 pillars of sustainability and looks sophisticated and luxurious. 

The carrier bags are constructed from a sustainably sourced paper that is both recyclable and degradable. The handles are made from woven paper (also sustainably sourced). Find out about our woven paper handles.

The ribbon is made from RPET ribbon which is made from recycled plastic bottles.
The ribbon is not fixed to the bag so the bag can be recycled easily with paper products.

All of the glues and inks are water based and the black foil embossed print (seen below) does not impact the bags recyclability.

We love how this design meets all the criteria of an environmentally friendly product and maintains a luxurious look and feel. 



Sustainable Packaging for Creed Perfumes


Like the Forevermark packaging above, the perfume box produced for Creed is made only from paper making it 100% recyclable with paper products. 

Designed to hold small perfume vials, not so long ago, this box would have had a VAC form tray or EVA foam to hold the product in place. But in 2020, plastic use should be avoided and so a strong 1200gsm grey board wrapped in paper was designed to hold the product in place.

This not only gives the design a luxurious look and feel but also keeps the product held securely without the risk of tearing or breaking easily. 

The structure is a hinged lid box with perimeter wall and can be produced in a range of sizes and wrapped in various papers or materials.  


Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) briefed Wrapology on a design for a calendar that must be free from plastic to avoid the "plastic tax" in Hong Kong.  

The design is based on a book box that opens up to reveal several pockets with perforated windows that the product sits within. Read more about this project here 

Each pocket was made from art card printed in water based inks, then folded and glued into place before being hand assembled.

You can view our other advent calendar designs here

A mould was produced to build the internal structure


Sequent Packaging


The Sequent box is made entirely from molded paper. 

The paper is a by-product of sugar production where the waste of the sugarcane is turned into a paper. The paper is then mulched up and pressed using only heat and water to create any shape within the parameters of the mould. 

The paper can also be dyed to a PMS colour and assembled in our factory. 

100% recyclable with paper and therefore degradable, molded paper packaging is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to using plastic.

Read more about the molded paper process here


Steens Honey GIF


Winner of several awards, the Manuka Honey box like all our other designs are constructed only from paper that is sustainably sourced. 

The clever, playful design reflects the opening of a flower. 

Robust, colourful and sustainable, the design is loved by many including mother nature herself.

Read more about the Manuka Honey box project here